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27 April 2016 @ 01:26 am
It's been more than year since I made a post. Wow.

2016 is definitely a strange year for me as a fan. No, rather, that it is already 2016 is strange for me as a fan. I watch shows from 2007-2008, and think they're pretty recent, when they're actually from 9 years ago. That's literally like the 15 year old me (2008) watching Arashi debut clips (1999), which even by then I've had already classified as "old clips." D:

Strange, so strange. But it's a good kind of strange.
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21 January 2015 @ 08:50 pm
After 5 long years, I'm back in this world.
Although saying "5 years" makes it seem incredibly long (which it is, really), it went by pretty fast.
But then again, so much has happened. Should be since i've been gone for so long.
While the last time i posted was as a high school student, i am now a college graduate.
Moreover, am part of the working force. I.AM.GETTING.OLD. And busier participating in adult life.
But then what can i say, this place was and i declare is and always will be a part of me: JE fandom.
It's become an actual oasis full of nostalgia.
While i may not be posting as much, i will always be coming back to check. Of course i will.
Been in it for 8 years now, that's pretty hard to let go.
Soooo, yes. That will be all for now. :)
04 January 2010 @ 11:22 pm
this is REALLY out of the blue, and last minute before my mom kills me.
so much for not updating in the looongest time. haha :))

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yo yo yo
its summer- bro!
haha :))
its been awhile since ive updated this thing.
never really had time to think of what to write.
but summer has come, so ive gots all the time i want, baby! haha
thought that doesnt mean i left my guilty pleasure unattended
i recorded some bullet-formed updates as well
so to make up for my misses, ill make a short recap of what happened
while i was stressing myself up as a junior
i like BLUE. haha RECAP. :))Collapse )

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14 September 2008 @ 03:58 pm
another update:) atleast im sure ive got an entry for this month..im having colds (booo) and i feel like a total mess..and ive been pigging out the whole afternoon even though i can barely taste the food. :( i havent really got much to say except maybe i cant wait to watch those two on my userpic together in one drama. METEOR BONDS:)) oh and i watched HERO movie this morning in bed.. and kuryu, as usual, didnt fail to amuse me:) AND ive finished hotaru no hikari and started with 33pun tantei (yay! tsuyoshi tantei is back!!XD)

i heard HAPPY BIRTHDAY just yesterday..its not that bad..but it didnt really get to me..SORRY! (i still love news!)

xoxo *sniff*,

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30 August 2008 @ 07:52 pm
happy 25th birthday matsujun! :)) for this entry ill be using PURPLE to commemorata the event:))
yea..its been a VERY long while since i last updated..(SCHOOL)
updating at the end of the month means ive got lots to update about but i forgot :o
NINO and RYO are having a drama! thats my highlight news for this month:) haha!
alright..more under the cut
*august highlights:
-yamapiggy's awesome YAMAOPI fic has come to an end:( (but the loving hasnt:))
-ARJOE drama! XD (well its news to me, atleast)
-drama: hotaru no hikari, seigi no mikata
-maou episode 8 :o
cut~Collapse )
that is all for today..and for this month..haha
hopefully ill be able to update more next month (i hope i could ACTUALLY update next month)
oh and did i ever mention how awesome HERO is? (Kimura Takuya rocks! go Kouhei!)

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30 July 2008 @ 10:27 pm
all these stuff about ohno are making me sad..and scared..:( i mean, i usually dont get affected by rumours and all, but this issue is everywhere already to the point that it makes me scared..:( but i trust him. and as much as i dont  wanna add up to all this commotion..i cant help but speak out and give a message to ohno, even though there's less than 1% he would ever be able to read this. but i just wanna let it out...

    ohno, just be strong okay? youre not alone in this. youve got a whole lot of fans right behind your back to support you all throughout. i admit i feel really scared and am panicking like hell inside but, i know it will be fine and i know that you'll make it through this. just be strong. ill be right behind your back all the way and so will the others.:)

im seriously not liking this day. first, i found out about a really terrible incident in school and then now, this? :(

i hope ill be strong enough to support ohno all the way, coz i absolutely cannot act like this if im going to support someone.
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11 July 2008 @ 07:23 pm
yes today is shige's birthday! :)) took me quite a while to post coz i cant find a perfect shige picture to use as my pic.. and so i ended up with this one :)) i wish him all the best and that he would be happy always.:)

ill rant a bit more about shige and the other stuff in the cut :)

okay..now for the OUTLINES:
*Shige (My history with him..LOL!)
* L change the World- i ve seen it and i LOVE it
* Summer dramas- SO MUCH DRAMAS, SO LITTLE TIME (my dramas of the season!)

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okay okay..i probably get a tardy slip for this very late entry..and another for this but, very belated happy birthday nino!!:D i didnt forget it ofcourse! the whole day on june 17, my mind was like "its Nino's birthday today, so i should be happy" i just didnt have the time to write it here (hey, its better late than never:p) ooh! and i drew a caricature of him on that day:))haha.

so yes, tomorrow's the big day~ im sure you know what that means. yes, its the premiere of Hana Yori Dango Final.. 6/28 (but i heard some have already seen the movie *shrug*) :D

MAOTSUJUN RABU2X~- haha another random declaration and yes, yamapi is still AWESOME! (and Ryo :p)
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14 June 2008 @ 01:13 pm
so yea, im now in my 3rd year of highschool..my first week- sort of sucked..i guess im still on the stage of adapting.. anyway yea..i found time to update! :))

One Love PV is out! horray2x!

i love this song! it really has this "finale" feel to it..but i was expecting more from the pv..:( but its alright ;)

oh and this means more music station
performances! and HEY HEY HEY! and UTABAN! xD

yamapi is KAKKOI :)) haha i dont know..just wanted to write that

off to watch Gossip Girl!:P

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